Today, I found out a woman from my church passed away. And it’s tough.

It’s tough because she was so incredibly sweet and charming.

It’s tough because she always had a smile.

It’s tough because she taught me how to play a guitar.

It’s tough because I never really got to see her after her husband died.

It’s tough because maybe all she needed was a reason to smile.

It’s tough because I planned on seeing her when I heard she was sick but I never made time.

melxmcg asked:

You're rad. And I think that you're hurting now, but things will look up. God has a weird way of making things better. Sometimes, they feel worse for a while, but I promise it won't be like this forever. Just trust in the Lord, and you'll find the strength in yourself to get through it. Don't count yourself out, you're a cool dude.

I love encouraging people. Sometimes, it’s encouragement is all we need.